DDA Housing Scheme 2010

First of all, We congratulate the luckiest lot of DDA Housing Scheme-2010. We feel immense pleasure to offer our services to the successful Allottees. The services include Consultancy and Documentation assistance to the successful applicants. The services Exclusively for the distinguished Few in brief are as follows.

  • Assistance in respect of various procedures to be followed by the successful Allottees.
  • Documentation work of possession Set, Physical Possession set and other letters and mails to DDA.
  • Completion of Freehold procedure, which includes Stamping, Execution and registration of Conveyance Deed

Apart from these services at a nominal charge, the bouquet of benefits incorporates the unique I.D. for future reference and Documentation work using customized Software to provide Speedy and reliable work. Moreover, complementary consultancy is provided throughout the process without any charge.


The successful allottees need to undergo the following procedure in the manner of their appearance. The Allottee may choose us as their Consultant for these processes. All this will be available to them at the nominal charges either jointly or severely as you may choose.

Step I :: Possession Set

After the Allotment cum Demand letter is issued to the Allottee, he has to deposit the balance payment against the Flat as mentioned therein and submit certain documents together referred as the Possession Set in complete to DDA within the stipulated time.

Step II :: Stamping

Simultaneously with the issue of Allotment cum Demand Letter, four Conveyance Deed are issued. Next step in the process involves Payment of Stamp Duty to the Government (Collector of Stamps carries stamping work). As per the amended policy, duly stamped conveyance deeds are required to be submitted to DDA for taking the possession of Flat.

Step III :: Possession Letter

The duly stamped Conveyance deeds are submitted back to DDA. Then, Possession Letter is issued to the allottee if all the documents and deficiencies (if any) are submitted to DDA.

Step IV :: Physical Possession Set

On issuance of Possession letter, the Allottee need to take over the Physical possession of the Flat from the concerned site office of the DDA. A physical Possession set is submitted at the Site office for taking over the possession. After taking the possession one needs to intimate DDA (main concerned branch) to get its Conveyance Deed executed.


Will means the declaration of the intention of a testator with respect to his property which he desires to be carried in to effect after his death. Though the registration of Will is not mandatory but a registered Will is the preferable mode to transfer your property and assets as per your wish. You can specify the division of your property and assets as per your wish.

Step V :: Execution

The officer of DDA executes the duly stamped Conveyance deeds after the physical possession is taken over by the Allottee. Certain documents are required at the time of Execution.

Step VI :: Registration

The most essential step in the whole process is the registration of duly executed Conveyance Deeds at the Sub-Registrar Office. The registration has to be done within the prescribed time otherwise it becomes invalid and almost whole procedure need to re.

Congratulations.. The ownership has been transferred to the allottee in all respects and now you are the legal owner of the property.

Note: For the list of Successful, allotments and accurate details of the above referred process please refer to DDA website. www.dda.org.in