Stamp Duty is a payment to the government for the transaction related to property which is taking place. A Schedule in this regard has been published by the government stating stamp duty on various trancsaction and documents. One may pay the stamp duty either though E-stamp now issued by the banks or opt for traditional method of stamping done by Collector of Stamps, However, second option is beneficial where accurate stamp duty is not known to you where there is a possibility of error.

We provide services for both modes of paying stamp duty.


Submit the file in Collector of Stamps Office and receive the Challan titled tr 6. Deposit Payment as mentioned in tr 6 either by Cash or by Cheque/ Pay Order/ Demand Draft. After depositing payment, get the date of receiving file from Collector. On the due date, collect the file from the collector of stamps and check whether it has been properly stamped on every page of the document. Once your documents are stamped, it has to be registered in the office of the Sub-Registrar.