Property Registration

Registration is the process of presentation of the deed/document physically in the office of the Sub-Registrar by the party(ies) to the deed. Various documents and deeds need to be registered as per the law; these documents are generally referred as 'Instruments'

The registration of an instrument is carried out in pursuance of the rules specified in this behalf and the main idea is to make the documents relating to immovable properties public. It also provides sanctity to the document and proves the genuiness of parties to certain extent as they personally appear before the registrar. Once the Stamp Duty has been paid, the instrument is registered by Sub-Registrar after verifying the other details.

We help you to get your deed or document registered. Certain formalities are required to be carried out before a document is registered and for the presentation of document to the registrar office certain forms are to be filled and various other formalities are to carried out. We help you through all these formalities and requirements which you need to carry out for registration. We shall assist you in completing these requirements and guide you throughout the process.


Fill the form of the sub registrar called Index/Data entry. Submit the Index form along with two copies of deed/document (one original and one photocopy). Get receipt of registration. On the date specified in the receipt, collect the registered document from the Sub-Registrar Office.

Information relating to particulars and procedure of deeds and documents can be checked under the link Documents