Certify Copy

Certify copy of a document is treated equivalent to the original document itself. If the original document is lost/misplaced/ torn/mutilated etc., its certify copy will work as substitute for original document. You can get the certify copy of all the registered documents from the office of the Sub-Registrar where the document was registered.

To get the certify copy, it is necessary to have the registration number, book number, volume number, page numbers and date of registration of the document together with Sub-Registrar's office.

We help you to locate the document and obtain the certify from the concerned Sub-Registrar office. If you have incomplete details of the document, we will help to trace the document and search for it from the concerned sub-registrar office.


Write an application to the concerned Sub-Registrar Office mentioning the registration number, book number, page numbers, volume number and the date of registration of document together. Attach a stamp paper of Rs. 10/- and paste court fee on application.


Certify Copy of documents of Book IV can be obtained only by parties to the document. Certify Copy of documents under Book I can be obtained by any person.